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New Artist!

#17 Georgina Ball
Giddy Cat Studio

04A47A95-758F-4FFE-98FF-8DE3FC770F07 - Georgina Ball.jpeg

Open for WAVE only
June and September

River Road, 3 miles east of Arborg.

Road ends at Giddy Cat Studio.

NE 17 22 3E

I have been painting as long as I can remember. Although I dabble in most mediums, my first love is oil. Many of my paintings are figurative, depicting circumstances or events from my experience. Others are drawn from my imagination, hugely influenced by the myths and legends that fascinated me growing up. I am also inspired by nature and all things that grow. Trees, plants and flowers of all kinds appear in my work.

I really enjoy breaking all the rules and experimenting with different techniques. The results can be amazing.


Who's near by?

#18 Jerry Maryniuk

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