Janet Cruse-Thompson







 “My motto in life as well as art is to go boldly forward in new directions.” - Janet Cruse

A woman of many talents and creative ability, Janet follows her inquisitive instincts throughout the world of art. In her studio, ‘ODTAA', the computer is a tool in the hands of a septuagenarian artist, who is excited to explore and learn new art forms.  


"Take the road less travelled" to see a collection of brilliant pendants, rings, 

bracelets and beads cast in metals like silver, rhodium plated brass, rose gold plated brass and others. Janet is now exploring the realm of video creation as a form of art.  Always new, always exciting at ODTAA.

(WAVE Tour - September long weekend only)

Studio #5

101 Wavey Creek Road, Clandeboye