Heather has found what brings her joy - and it is CONTAGIOUS.  Infusion of her positive energy, precision and care is apparent in her vibrant and colourful glasswork.  


She has a passion for sharing glass working techniques and igniting creativity in others; ask about the vitrigraph (“vitri”: glass and “graph”: writing) and her “travel-sized kiln."

Of course, the irresistible Butterscotch cookies will make a return appearance.  If you’re lucky, she’ll share the recipe..!

Daisy Delight Lantern
Pussywillow Lantern
River Rock
Music Note Coasters
Daffodil Cluster
Frit Box Bubbles Close Up
Rosewood Moss Pendant Close Up

   Heather Dawson

     Glass by Heather

           Studio #7

         Heather's 2021 YouTube WAVE Tour Video