Heather Dawson

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 Heather's YouTube WAVE Tour Video


Heather has found what brings her joy - and it is contagious.  Infusion of her positive energy, precision and care is apparent in her vibrant and colourful glasswork.  


She has a passion for sharing glass working techniques and igniting creativity in others; ask about the vitrigraph (“vitri”: glass and “graph”: writing) and her “travel-sized kiln."


2020 Spring Collection is available for June tour, while a brand new Fall Collection will be released just in time for the September tour.


Of course, the irresistible Butterscotch cookies will make a return appearance.  If you’re lucky, she’ll share the recipe..!

Be sure to look for Heather's year-round activities in Adventures with Art!

Poppy Bowl
Spring Flower Earrings and Pendant Set
Sapphire Earrings and Pendant Set
Hope Panel
Vitrigraph and Frit
Green Succulent
Cerulean Earrings
Red Succulent
Rosewood Moss Pendant Close Up

Watch her YouTube videos as she invites you into her studio and

shares her adventures in glass with you!

Always Busy! But her assistant is taking a break!

Every year, I work with the Canadian Cancer Society to help organize a daffodil drive for my coworkers, friends, and family.

This year, the campaign was cancelled and I was super disappointed. So I decided to create my own daffodil campaign.

It has been a great success, and I have mailed daffodils across Canada over the last couple of weeks!

I feel so grateful that I will be able to pass along a portion of the proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society this year,

in lieu of the donation they receive from the fresh cut daffodil campaign.