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Is a box really a box?  Are the objects we see really what they are  . . .  or what they could be?    Learn to keep your eyes peeled and focus!  Imagine your own optical illusion that represents what is perceived, different from the way it is in reality.  Sign up for an illuminating experience with an imaginative and playful artist.  Helma will help you dare to look and draw an almost perfect illusion of the object before you!  Be amazed at how much detail you can miss by not really looking.  This workshop is a fun-filled experience for a ladies’ night out or a family get- together.  Put on your creative glasses!

Box? Cylinder? Sphere? Drawing Workshop



Artist/Facilitator:  The ever-whimsical Helma Rogge Rehders, Winnipeg Beach

Group size:             4 – 6 people 

Duration:                2.5 hours 

Cost per person:   $30, materials included

Location:                Client locations

Call Helma at:       204-389-5633 to discuss details and customized needs.  For more information,

                               see Helma’s Bio . . .

Drawing with Artist
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