Artist Bios

Heather Dawson

Heather is a Manitoba glass artist, living within the central Interlake region in Teulon. With over 15 years of experience in glass-working, Heather’s unique handmade art is available at local artisan markets, and various rural and urban gift shops.


“Custom work really is one of the most rewarding things that I enjoy working on,” Heather divulged. “Helping my customers to realize their dreams and ideas in a glass creation that they could never have otherwise imagined, that is really special.  Sharing in their elation when they see the finished work, I really cherish that part.”


Heather strives for excellence, learning new glass-working techniques and practising until student rivals master.  In some instances, trial and error can be a valuable teacher and the unexpected can result in something amazing.  Heather’s passion for nature shines through in the bright and bold colours, and her lightness and carefree energy are apparent in many of her quirky creations.


Call Heather at 204-998-6690.

Milli Flaig-Hooper - The Paper Fifrildi

It is with the unspoken word that Milli designs exquisite paper creations which speak volumes.  The gentle sensibility she coaxes out of recycled paper presents viewers with the opportunity to sink into her tactile world.  Ask anyone who has worked with her and they will tell you the experience has changed them irrevocably.  Milli expresses her creativeness using a collaborative process.  Her needs, noted as special, do not limit or alter her creative energies that transform more than just paper.

Milli, a paper maker since 2007, discovered her love for art when she began experimenting with a children’s paper making kit lying in the back of her closet.  Since that time, she has produced thousands of recycled paper sheets and used them to produce award-winning art.  Her products include cards, magnets, pins, earrings, bookmarks and ornaments.  Milli joined the WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour in 2009 and since then, she has hosted visitors in her own studio.

Milli’s paper making has grown in technique and diversity.  Supported by her creative collaborators (assistants), she engages others to develop more fully as artists.  As a result, she began offering paper making workshops and is invited regularly to present in schools, community centres, festivals and art clubs. 


Call Milli at: 204-389-4134.  Milli’s workshops are available year-round, except for June and December.

Gayle Halliwell


Gayle embarked on a course set in the sea of visual arts over a decade ago.  She traded desk and pen for palette and brush and hasn’t looked back.  Gayle dove into these waters with energy and enthusiasm.  She studied noted Manitoba artists, created concentric circles of learning and splashed pigments and clay with wild abandon.

Immersed in an exploration of lake, sky and landscapes, Gayle spends her days creating the visual canvas of Lake Winnipeg.  When not on board Solitude VI, she’s splashing pigment and squishing clay at Studio 410.  Gayle creates award-winning works in watercolour, acrylic and clay that contrast the incredible beauty with the environmental challenges of this great prairie ocean.

A celebrated leader in Education, Gayle has a wealth of expertise in grantsmanship and management.  As Returning Officer with Elections Canada, she applied her superior skills to manage a large and diverse electoral district during the last three federal events.  

Gayle’s past informs her present and her works illustrate her professional and creative approach to communicating on canvas and paper.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration, a Post-Baccalaureate in Special Education and a Bachelor of Education.  She has teaching and administrative experience in K-12, vocational education, continuing education and adult and family literacy.  A lifelong learner, Gayle is now exploring an interest in Celtic music. 

 As a talented group facilitator, Gayle offers visual art workshops in her creative space, Studio 410 in Winnipeg Beach as well as client/community locations.  The studio is open to the public for First Fridays ( and twice yearly during the WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour (  Her works may be viewed through Uniquely Manitoba, Cre8ery Gallery, Gwen Fox Gallery, Gimli Art Club Gallery, and on the WAVE Tours. 


Call Gayle at: 204-389-3832.

Gwen Harp


From a career as a Data Communication Specialist to an Artist has been quite the journey for Gwen.  However, her joining the Gimli Art Club was the inspiration and mentorship she needed to grow her creative talents.  Gwen quickly learned many mediums and has been on the Board of Directors of this arts organization for the past 13 years.

Gwen is an eclectic master who works in a multitude of mediums.  They include painting in watercolour and acrylics, pottery, stained glass, jewellery-making, fibre arts and fused glass techniques.   Glass fusion is Gwen’s main focus for the creation of whimsical, eclectic artworks such as sun catchers, glass coasters, plates, bowls, hangings, and embellishments in driftwood.


Gwen, who has worked with kiln-fired glass for 14 years, combines her knowledge learned from other mediums to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.  Some of her works are functional, some are purely decorative.  The mystery of turning glass into a molten mass and reinventing it into another shape is a fascinating and rewarding practice for this gentle artist.  Once a year, Gwen joins her stained-glass artist neighbour, Marlene Van Helden, and together they fill the two-storey Blue Door Art Studio and welcome visitors during the WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour.


Gwen’s art is available year-round at the Gimli Art Club Gallery, the Blue Door Art Studio and during the New Iceland Heritage Museum art shows featuring the WAVE artists.  Her works hang in national and international collections.   She is available to deliver workshops from mid-May to end of September.  


Call Gwen at: 204-642-4762

Glenda Knoll

Glenda loves windows and words.  Windows have always been a place for her to go and dream, to be inspired, nurtured and to create.


At one time, Glenda worked for the United Church where she engaged with under-privileged people living on the streets.  She listened to their stories and wanted to know more. Then, she began practising art to  give voice to what she heard but could not change effectively.  She learned to ‘see the light in others’ and this experience influenced her art. 

Today, Glenda is the creator of Whimsical Windows and Words and Sticks and Stones.  She began this side of life as an artist quite by chance.  Upon hearing that her old windows were sentenced to the landfill, she was motivated to rescue and repurpose them.  She discovered the unique use of windows as a way to express her imagination by drawing words and painting whimsical images.  As a result, people could view the world as she did and receive her compassionate and uplifting messages.

Glenda continues to influence social change and express her passion for the environment.  She uses images and words to speak out and she constantly challenges her imagination to create something meaningful. 

Glenda enjoys walks on the beach in the Interlake.  If she finds a perfect rock or piece of driftwood, her day is perfect as these items are then integrated into her Sticks and Stones art pieces.  She lives happily in the Interlake with her partner, Ron, and their fur family (Rafiki and Yoda). 


Call Glenda at: 204-668-8910.

Alex Reinhardt


Alex is an award-winning photographer from Manitoba’s Interlake.  He has been actively photographing for the past 12 years and has developed a large body of works to his credit. 


Alex’s photography interests and expertise are wide ranging and include landscapes, his travels, streets, macros and abstracts.  He focuses largely on interesting light and image compositions.  The subjects of his images are quite often every day scenes, captured in a unique way.  Alex shoots exclusively in digital media and has a significant amount of expertise in post-processing with Adobe Lightroom and printing. 


Alex has more than 30 years' experience in the corporate world as a professional engineer.  Over the years, he has delivered many training sessions and presentations on work-related topics.   He is pleased to add the field of photography as an enhancement to business meetings and retreats.  Alex delivers photo seminars and photo walks during evenings and weekends, year-round.  

Call Alex at:  204-482-4101.

Helma Rogge Rehders, BFA Hons., U. of M.

Helma was born in North Germany, in a place near the brook Alster and tributary to the River Elbe.  She spent her formative years in the hamlet of Wellingsbuttel, a location that dates back to the Bronze Age.  At age 17, she continued her education in Windsor, Berkshire, England and lived as an au pair in her sister’s household. 

From birth, Helma lived in the cross winds between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.  To the north of her, was the location of Hedeby known for its Viking Ship burial site.  Nearby, her maternal ancestors had lived as sheepherders for many generations in close proximity to the Danish archipelago.

Later, after five years of sojourn in several independent African countries, where she home-schooled her 3 boys, Helma came into her own.  Fast forward to 2020, and you will find Helma located in Manitoba’s Interlake between two large inland oceans.  No surprise, her studio is located in the lee of the prevailing winds that gust off the lake.   

Helma is firstly a painter, secondly a poet and thirdly a musician who plays the Irish Penny Whistle by ear.  Labelled a garden-variety philosopher by her middle son, Helma is also an enthusiastic coddiwompler.  And, she is proud to be a published author in the LWWG Voices publication.

Helma keeps up her visual arts practice and close associations with the WAVE Interlake Artists’ Studio Tour, as well as SCAPE (Stronger Communities Through Art Participation for Everyone).  She lives and works at her quaint cottage and studio in the Boundary Creek Marsh, in Winnipeg Beach. 


Call Helma at:  204-389-5633.

Marlene Van Helden


Marlene Van Helden has been trying to squeeze in her creative interests since she was a child.  From making jewellery out of melted crayons to drawing murals of what she learned in History, the process has never quite ended.  A highly visual person, her surroundings constantly feed her ideas for creating representations of nature and the various issues of life.

Marlene’s professional career was enhanced by her levels of creativity from working in education and corporate training and development to later days working as a training consultant in the public and private sectors.  She moved to the Gimli area in 2000 where she remained self-employed and was able to spend more time working on her art.  

Marlene’s focus today is mixed-media works in acrylics, collage techniques and her long-time relationship with stained glass.  There are times when it is difficult to score and cut a beautiful piece of glass so she finds ways to work around that issue.  Many of her pieces maintain the beauty of the glass while enclosing a central piece with cut and soldered borders and a variety of embellishments.  After years of experience, Marlene prefers to use her intuition and create designs that are from the heart rather that using a traditional approach to cutting glass.   Abstract depictions of water and sky are often featured in her works and she is highly influenced by the natural views that surround her studio.  Marlene’s works hang in spaces across Canada as well as in the US. 


Call Marlene at:  204-642-9597.