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Milli Flaig Hooper
The Paper Fifrildi

Milli in the Studio 2021.jpg
Card Collage 2022-A
Square Root
Pastel Bridge
Spring Fibre Blossoms
Singing in the Rain
Butterfly Paper Stepping Stones 2021

One’s ability must never be measured using someone else’s lens. Just as art is subjective, so is how we view life. Milli’s work is collaborative in process yet make no mistake it is within her control. She allows it to speak what she cannot say. Each sheet of handmade paper is embedded with the “special” energy she applies to her creation. Some of it is pure kitsch expressing the light and fun that comes with it. Where else might you see pink pine trees on a card or art piece? And where else can you walk on paper stepping stones? Only at The Paper Fifrildi studio!  

The Paper Fifrildi, Creatively Recycled Paper

28 Hawthorne, Matlock


  Milli's YouTube WAVE Tour Video

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