Milli Flaig Hooper

The Paper Fifrildi

          Studio #19


As a puzzle lover, Milli has solved the question, “What do you do with a puzzle that has missing pieces?” “Turn it into art by adding your own hand-made creatively recycled paper of course,” was the answer. Diversifying and extending the meaning of “puzzle art” while still recycling/reusing previously used coloured paper. Begun in 2019, the stock of this type of art continued in 2020, through today, has flourished. Numerous birds, trees and cottages have been collaged along-side Milli’s paper and sometimes fibre into charmingly delightful visuals.

Lime Forest
Bird Houses
Letter Cards
The Lighthouse
Heron Puzzle
Bridge into the Night
Escape from Covid
Bird House

Studio #19

The Paper Fifrildi, Creatively Recycled Paper

28 Hawthorne, Matlock


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