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#3 Milli Flaig Hooper
The Paper Fifrildi

MilliFlaigHooper_inStudio - Milli Flaig-Hooper.jpg

In 2010 during Milli's first solo appearance on the WAVE Artists' Studio Tour, the paper and the art reflected simplicity. Twelve years later she has grown into her paper making and subsequently into her art. What Milli loves to immerse herself in is reflected in her creations. If we are on earth to expand creatively then she has put in her hours and continues to do so.

The magic of paper making awakens the child in everyone who experiences it. Who doesn't enjoy putting their hands in warm pea-soupy slurry and letting it swirl through their fingers? Milli takes the process seriously while allowing the child within to free flow with the creation. Getting it on a screen with galaxy-like images while making it look like child's play is a creative skill learned by doing it for 12 years.

Open June and September

Year round by appointment

The Paper Fifrildi, Creatively Recycled Paper

28 Hawthorne, Matlock


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  Milli's YouTube WAVE Tour Video

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