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New Artist!

Gary Foidart
End of Silverdale Gallery

Gary Foidart- Artist Photo.jpg
Gary Foidart - “Stingray”
Gary Foidart- “Snow Sculpture-2020”
Gary Foidart- “Loon Table”
Gary Foidart- “Magic Bucket”
Gary Foidart- “Commissioned Table”
Gary Foidart- “Poplar Burl Owl”
Gary Foidart- “Solo Exhibition, Edge Gallery 2017”
Gary Foidart- “2018 Harbour Fest Carving Competition “
Gary Foidart- “Winter Walleye-2022”

Gary is a self-taught Metis Artisan. He has been active with the Prairie Canada Carving Championship for over 25 years and now sits as a judge for the competition. His early work consisted of furniture and knife making. His work has since evolved to focus on the artistic aspects of carving and creating functional art. Gary’s current passion is Chainsaw Carving, using wood burls, antlers and other unusual specimens to create unique pieces. 

A wood burl is an abnormal, unappealing wart-like growth on a tree, caused by fire, insects, injury or other forces of nature. They are extremely difficult to work with and therefore are rarely chosen as a carving medium. It is an intuitive process that requires great patience and skill due to the unpredictable nature of the wood. Gary is gifted in his ability to transform these unsightly growths into beautiful and truly unique pieces of art. 

617 Silverdale Ave, Winnipeg Beach

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