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Gary foidart airbrushing  - Gary Foidart.jpg

#10 Gary Foidart
End of Silverdale Gallery

Gary is a self-taught Metis artist who has been carving wood for over 30 years. His early work consisted of knife making and small furniture pieces. From there he started carving small items until he went to his first prairie Canada carving championship. Amazed at the work that people were doing, he slowly progressed and refined his skills to the point where he now sits as a judge at the competition. Gary harvests all of his own wood for his work, most of which is burls. These are unsightly growths on trees that are caused by injury, fire, insects, etc. and are rarely chosen as a carving medium because of their unruly grain, hardness, and voids. The finished pieces are truly the most beautiful wood that Manitoba has to offer.

Always willing to try something new, his latest endeavour is lichtenburg burning. This is a technique where high voltage is applied to dampened wood burl and a fractal image is burned in to it, similar to a lightning bolt. Like a snowflake, no two are are ever alike. They are then filled with coloured epoxy which produces surreal and beautiful images.


Chainsaw-carved larger pieces are also one of Gary's passions, which came fairly easily to him as it was a matter of scaling up his smaller work.

Lastly he is very interested in abstract sculptures and the very difficult depiction of the human form.

Open June and September

Year round by appointment

617 Silverdale Ave, Winnipeg Beach

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