Glenda Knoll 
  Villa Kunterbunt
      Studio #28

Villa Kunterbunt
Bring the Sun
Set Free
Flowers by the Basket
Walking the Interlake
Creation, Soon to be a Pillow
Repurposed Paint Brushes
A Visit to My Studio
Pillows that Pop

Windows will always be my passion; and as my expression with art evolves, I have discovered a sense of satisfaction in repurposing. Trips down to the beach after a storm wash up all kinds treasures that may find their way into my art, or give rise to a whole new concept.    Fabrics, found while thrifting, may inspire a wall hanging or more functional art like a hand-painted pillow.  It is not difficult for me to imagine new beginnings for other people's throw-aways.  I am an artist with a purpose to repurpose 

Glenda's 2021 YouTube WAVE Tour Video