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#8 Gayle Halliwell
Studio 410

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Open June and September

Year round by appointment

410 Silverdale Avenue, Winnipeg Beach


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After a year spent fixing a neglected cottage, Gayle opened Studio 410‚ a year-round venue dedicated to all things creative‚ and began pouring her passion onto canvas, paper and clay, launched her professional arts practice, and joined the WAVE Studio Tour.

Reflecting Gayle's personality, her works are energetic, confident and warm but have a healthy spattering of playfulness. Recent years show growth in Gayle's approach, technique and style. Her journey has been a lifetime connected to Lake Winnipeg. She has expanded her visual interpretations to encompass historical and ecological contexts, and has allowed Celtic influences to bring a twist to new works.


Her award-winning paintings, playful pottery and experiments grace homes across the continent. Acrylic, watercolour, and clay lure her to Studio 410, but she embraces experimentation in other media as challenge and opportunity.


Not only is Studio 410 her working studio, but it is also the site of creative events. Until the pandemic, she hosted First Fridays at the Beaches and Culture Days. Guest artists, music sessions, book launches, workshops, celebrations, and shows have brought a range of people into the space. In 2023, and as health guidelines allow, Studio 410 will again open its doors to people and all things imaginative.


Follow her journey on Facebook: Studio410 Visual Arts by Gayle Halliwell. 

After a successful career in education, Gayle traded pen and desk for brush and easel. She is a self-taught artist who spent several years soaking up workshops, reading, and practice during her transformation to lakeside artist. She completed the Art of Managing Your Career Master Class and the Interlake Artists' Mentorship. She launched her professional practice in 2008 and opened Studio 410 in 2012.

The WAG, cre8ery, the Manitoba Society of Artists, Gwen Fox Gallery, Gimli Art Club & Gallery, and the New Iceland Heritage Museum have all been locations for shows of Gayle's works. Her paintings are in collections across North America, and her well-known art cards have found their way around the world.

Gayle is an active member of The WAVE Artists' Studio Tour, cre8ery gallery, the Gimli Art Club, Creative Manitoba, and The Gwen Fox Gallery. Studio 410 is open year-round for events, workshops, and by appointment, see

Gayle's YouTube WAVE Tour Video

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