Gayle Halliwell

        Studio 410









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Gayle Halliwell is a celebrated professional artist with lake water in her veins. Her passion for Lake Winnipeg saturates the watercolour, acrylic, and clay works that she creates.


Always in motion, Gayle leads workshops, hosts First Friday events at her Studio 410, and advocates for the preservation of the Lake through presentations and talks.


“My arts practice has to give me joy--it has to be fun. Laughter feeds my creative soul. But I also thrive on challenge so it’s hard for me to stand still: change is a close friend of challenge. It’s a weakness and a strength.”

Gayle is a member of the Gwen Fox Gallery, cre8ery, Gimli Art Club, the WAVE, and WAVE year-round activities - Adventures with Art.

Having Fun while Keeping Busy

Studio #44

410 Silverdale Avenue, Winnipeg Beach