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           Gwen Harp

      Blue Door Studio

           Studio #36B

Wonky House
Beyond the Shores
Quilted Fabric Card Holder
Morning Glories Acrylic Pour
Spring in the Desert, Alcohol Ink on Tile
Beach Huts on Driftwood
Cards with Fused Glass Piece
Wired Wrapped Pendant
Collection of Fused Glass Pieces

My inspiration comes from the elements of my surroundings which fuels the creation of eclectic art pieces.  I work in multiple mediums and attempt to meld them together into unique artworks.  Creativity thrives in this studio located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg!  As artists & neighbours, Marlene and I invite you on an artful journey of mixed glassworks, both fused & stained glass. On the way you will discover jewellery, collages, paintings, fabric & pottery works. Always something new at the Blue Door Studio. 

We are looking forward to seeing you! The studio is also open year-round by appointment.

Studio #36B

89 LochWoods Drive, 3 kms. north of Camp Morton


Gwen's 2021 YouTube WAVE Tour Video

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