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Comfortably nestled among the trees at Willow Creek, just a few kilometres south of Gimli, you will find Cat'ch Yer Eye Stained Glass.  Established by Claude and Carol Hébert in 2005, it serves a small but active glass artisan niche in the area.  Apart from creating large and small commissioned stained glass, fused glass, mosaics and sandblasted pieces, they also provide instructional classes.  


Their talents come from a lifetime of creativity in music, crafts and various forms of art using assorted mediums. “We’ve grown up with so many artistic and talented family members, art has always been part of our life.  With not only fun and encouraging mentorship, art has given us a very therapeutic experience!  We can’t live without it!”  


Glass allows them to capture the beauty of nature in time-honoured traditional works with delicacy, elegance, vivid colours and expressive textures in the age old art of stained glass. You're invited to visit as you’re sure to find something that will, "Cat'ch Yer Eye"! 


Open year round by appointment.

Fun in the Sun!

Studio #39

19159 Willow Creek Road, Approximately 5 kms south of Gimli, corner of Hwy #9 and 107N