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Return Artist! 

Matt & Karen Jenkins
Cloverdale Forge

Headshot_Cloverdale Forge.jpg
Matt Jenkins_at forge
Fireplace tools_CloverdaleForge
Spoons_Cloverdale Forge
Cheese1_Cloverdale Forge

Cloverdale Forge strives to produce the best-forged products made by hands, hammers, and anvil. Owned and operated by Matt Jenkins and Karen Rudolph, Cloverdale is focused on designing to fit modern-day needs with custom iron for the cabin, kitchen, or garden. In addition to custom architectural works, Cloverdale Forge has a product line of household objects from bottle openers to shelf brackets. Shoppers can find these pieces at the WAVE, local craft sales, and boutique shops around Manitoba. Cloverdale Forge also works to preserve the craft of blacksmithing by hosting workshops and educational events throughout the year. 

785 Cloverdale Road, St. Andrews

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