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Alan has been working in clay for more than forty years during which time he has developed an extensive international career.  In 2019 he was working and exhibiting in Thailand, Korea, Croatia and China. “It’s always interesting to experience how different cultures work with clay. I learn so much from their techniques which have been developed over thousands of years.”


Alan makes pots for people to use. “It’s about sustainabilty and making beautiful things that can replace plastic and perhaps make your day a little better.” Come to his large studio next to Oak Hammock Marsh and experience pots being made the same way it has been done for thousands of years.  Alan uses an old foot-powered potters wheel and fires the pots in an ancient-style wood-burning kiln. 


A new kiln was built last year so Alan is excited about all the wonderful possibilities it has in store.  It took three months and 3,000 fire bricks to build.  “It’s big and has been quite an undertaking but well worth the effort."


This year Alan will have new work that is inspired by his latest travels.  He has been in the studio since returning from China making lots of tea pots, mugs, bowls, baking dishes plus some surprises.


There is something for everyone from very large to small pots.

Wood-Fired Celadon Tea Bowl
Coffee Cups
High-Temp Raku Bowl
Wood-Fired Bowl, Korea
Small, High-Temp Raku, Korea
Wood-Fired Vase
Wood-Fired Place Setting
Espresso Cups
Large Coffee Cup

    Alan's YouTube WAVE Tour Video

From the Kiln

Studio #2

771 Earl Grey Road, St. Andrews