Alan Lacovetsky
Oak Hammock Pottery

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Wave 2022 Wood fired bowls Alan Lacovetsky 02
Wave 2022 Wood fired muugs Alan Lacovetsky 04
Wave 2022 Tea pot Alan Lacovetsky 08
Wave 2022 Platter Alan Lacovetsky 10
Wave 2022 Tea pot Alan Lacovetsky 06 copy
Wave 2022 Lidded Jar Alan Lacovetsky 11
Wave 2022 Plate Alan Lacovetsky 09
Wave 2022 Large mug Alan Lacovetsky 05
Wave 2022 Wood fired bowls Alan Lacovetsky 01

Alan’s pottery studio is set in a forest next to Oak Hammock Marsh. This is where you can see how pottery was made in the “good old days” when potters worked on a slow turning foot powered wheel and fired in a wood burning kiln. It’s truly “hands on” and very much part of a folk tradition. For many years Alan has been recognized internationally as one of the experts in wood firing and oriental glaze techniques.  


Imagine what it feels like to work with clay that’s five hundred million years old and using local wood to achieve the very high temperatures requried to turn it into useful pottery. The large ancient style wood burning kiln is a sight in itself sitting peacefully, but when it is being fired, it’s like waking up the dragon. At the top temperature of 1300oC it is so bright inside.  It’s like looking straight at the sun.


Alan has worked and exhibited extensively in Canada, USA, Australia, China, South Korea, Thailand and Croatia. He has a masters of fine arts degree from the University of North Dakota and has taught at the University of Manitoba, Brandon University and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.


Working this close to nature gives me a sense of freedom and a way of life that allows me to keep it simple.

771 Earl Grey Road, St. Andrews


    Alan's 2021 YouTube WAVE Tour Video