Alan Lacovetsky

Oak Hammock Pottery

        Studio #2









Making pottery since 1974, Alan has had experience in many parts of the world. In 2019 before Covid, he was in Thailand, Korea, Croatia and China.  “It’s important for me to experience different cultures, how they live and how they work with clay.”


This year he exhibited at the Buhler Gallery “Elemental: Fire and Air” along with digital artist Susan Turner, curated by Leona Herzog. He was also invited to present a lecture to the South East Asian Ceramic Society about his experiences in Cambodia and Thailand.


Using simple natural materials and techniques from thousands of years ago, Alan makes pots for people to use. Come to his large studio next to Oak Hammock Marsh and experience pots being made on an old foot powered potter’s wheel and see his ancient style wood burning kiln. “Working with clay helps me connect with nature. There’s nothing more natural than using a material that has taken nature many millions of years to produce.”


A new kiln has been built over the last few years so Alan is excited about all the wonderful possibilities it has in store. “It’s big and has been quite an undertaking but well worth the effort."


This year, Alan’s Studio #2 host new WAVE artist, Dawn Mills, who has also been making pottery for as long and who plays a major role in firing the wood burning kiln.


There is something for everyone from large to small pots. Mugs, bowls, tea pots, serving dishes, vases and many other surprises.


The studio has lots of space for parking and distancing.  All the work will be presented outside to comply with Covid restrictions.

Butter Dish
Old foot-powered Leach wheel
Large Bowl
Porcelain wood-fired bowl with fluid rim
Lidded Jar with Cord
Noodle Bowl
Large Jar

Studio #2

771 Earl Grey Road, St. Andrews


    Alan's 2021 YouTube WAVE Tour Video