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Michael Long
Michael Long Photography
Studio #20
   Saturdays Only

Michael pic 2021-2161.JPG

Michael is an artist who still believes that art is primarily about beauty and truth. He chooses photography and the lens, painting with light, to express this vision. Michael uses a variety of cameras, both digital and film, from an 8x10 large format film camera to a panoramic 6x17cm pin hole camera and a Leica M3 from the 1950’s. Michael is also experimenting with old time alternative processes such as photogravures and palladium prints. Please, come check out my new studio gallery, darkroom, mini etching press and an assortment of cool cameras. My work expresses my own original and unique vision. Each print is hand signed by the artist.


“Photography is not so much seeing new things, as in seeing things new.”

Studio #20
24 Matlock Road, Matlock

Michael's YouTube WAVE Tour Video

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