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Jerry grew up in rural Mb. (Inglis & Arborg).  Those formative years gave him a deep appreciation for nature and art.  Wildlife drawings and caricatures of friends were common place. Jerry chose Policing as a career and as such soon became an accomplished Police/forensic artist, retiring to the Interlake (Arborg) after 25 years.  “I have tried my hand at most every type of art, but cartooning remains a constant.”

It was somewhat ironic that he studied at the Scottsdale Artists School and decades later, returned to Arizona as a retired snowbird.  It was in Arizona that he started his book of cartoons,  “SnowBird Sketches (Emil goes south for the winter)”.  The book laughs at the ups and downs of getting old.  Arizona also got him involved with gourds.

Jerry’s art is inspired by his son Steve who passed on Dec.3 2013 from Brain Cancer (31 yrs.).

“Live life with a sense of humour and never waste a day.”

We are NOT Cat People!

But we have been adopted by 4 Feral Cats

Crazy Covid 2020 Drummer Troll”


Inspired by a drummer friend & the pandemic lockdown.  This lockdown seems like eternity & no doubt will take its toll on one's mental state. This piece expresses what a lot of us feel.

Check out the weasel in the log covering his ears & the snails to keep him company!! LOL

The piece has the usual Interlake influence as the drums are from gourds I grew, the chicken bones, moss, & wood come from my yard.  The clam shells, root burls from the shores of Lake Winnipeg. 

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October 8, 2020