Rosemary Miguez

   upstairs studio

        Studio #28


My attraction to sand begins with rock which when crushed becomes sand. Every grain of sand is a testimony to an ancient world. I feel the ancient world unfolds on my canvas and through the sand & gesso a new history is created. Harnessing the light through the relief of paintings reveals shapes and shadows of both the new and ancient worlds.


My current work I have added colour! As a response to the last year I have found that quiet, safe place within and found that safe space came out in my various Islands. And finally, my concern over those who face struggles in finding a home - a series of paintings on mirrors, a reflection.

Full Moon
Ode to Luthier and Musician
Shattered, On Mirror
Front Hall Mirror
Sleeping in the Raw, On Mirror

Studio #8

upstairs studio

21 Grove, Whytewold


Rosemary's 2021 YouTube WAVE Tour Video