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My attraction to sand begins with rock which when crushed becomes sand. Every grain of sand is a testimony to an ancient world. I feel the ancient world unfolds on my canvas and through the sand & gesso a new history is created. Harnessing the light through the relief of paintings reveals shapes and shadows of both the new and ancient worlds.


Sculpting the sand & gesso onto glass & mirror and adding forest fragments has opened up a new world with its own stories to tell. Some of my current work is informed by the state of the forest offering an opportunity to contemplate the past and the future.

Keeping Busy

Painted from a water colour I did years ago.  An Australian landscape with storm clouds looming.  Acrylic is new to me.  I really liked the texture of the acrylic paint.


Connected to the Unknown

The painting says it all!  The words in gesso and sand were quite the challenge.  I loved it!

Still work to do!

Ode to the Luthier and the Musician

These are the beginnings of what will be a quadricep

(4) paintings

How the painting was created

Sound board and strings to be added

Close-up to look under the mounted piece

Taj Mahal

Gesso & sand on

copper coloured mirror

Studio #8

upstairs studio

21 Grove, Whytewold