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 Rosemary Miguez
   upstairs studio

coffee anyone... rmiguez.JPG
winding road back image
- single island
sand or shadows 3
windows from where
painting with the sand
sands on screen
can you guess what this is
book, pencil, glasses & screen rmiguez
winding road

I will be unavailable to open my studio on Saturday Sept 3. My studio will be open Sunday Sept. 4th.

There is a quietness within the achromatic paintings Rosemary creates. Where does this white-on-white come from? “I believe my attraction to the white-on-white stems from my love of the winter. Ever since I was a child I loved the tranquility of the winter, to me there is magic in the air. Taking a walk on the lake, just breathing in the sight, sounds of the quiet are so inspiring. I have always loved the play of light upon the snow, always saw shapes and hidden forms.” Winter has definitely settled upon Rosemary’s canvas, although there are times Rosemary ventures beyond the whiteness and adds colour to her work. 


When visiting Rosemary’s studio at the lake, one will immediately take in the trees surrounding the property. “This is our mini-forest” Rosemary often comments. As one can suspect trees make their way onto the various ‘canvases’ such as glass, mirror, or pieces of wood or wooden objects can be found incorporated into some of her art. 

Rosemary has shown in Wayne Arthur Gallery, cre8ery Gallery, Winnipeg Art Gallery (sold her painting), New Island Heritage Museum and the Gwen Fox Gallery. Rosemary’s art has also adorned some walls internationally, they have made it “across the pond” as the saying goes.


Rosemary is a member of The WAVE Interlake Artists’ Studio Tour, cre8ery gallery, Gwen Fox Gallery, MAWA, Creative Manitoba, Gimli Art Club and Akin Collective (Toronto)


Rosemary is primarily self taught, courses emerged along the was beginning with Leona Brown Studio (Winnipeg), San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Gareth Bates – Art Untangled (Toronto) AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) Clay and sculpting, Creative Manitoba (Art of Managing your Career) and cre8ery Jordan Miller.

She is an active member of The WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour and cre8ery Gallery & Studios, 

She works in a studio both in the Village of Dunnottar as well as Akin Collective in Toronto.

upstairs studio

21 Grove, Whytewold


Rosemary's 2021 YouTube WAVE Tour Video

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