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New Artist!

      Dawn Mills
Dawn Mills Pottery
      Studio #17

Mugs and Bowls
Footed Tea Bowl
Peony Bowl
Nesting Bowls
Feline Funerary Jar
Serving Bowl
Oak Hammock Pottery Kiln

Dawn loves the process of wheel-throwing to make simple pieces for everyday use. A cut rim or off-wheel altering of the form gives Dawn’s work a modern distressed look, a touch of beauty in imperfection or wabi-sabi.  Dawn’s early experience as a Studio Potter included studies at the Banff School of Art with influences from traditional Asian folk pottery, Scandinavian form and modern British sculptors.


The making begins in her new Eriksdale Studio, West Interlake, Hwy #6 & #68.  It ends either with a splash of colour from an electric glaze firing or in the Japanese style wood-fired kiln at Alan Lacovetsky’s (Studio #2). This final wood firing can take 25-30 hours of stoking with help from a keen ‘burn’ crew.


Join us! 

Display will be outside for ease of access to a yard filled with pottery, demonstrations and friendly faces.


Studio #17

771 Earl Grey Road, St. Andrews


Dawn Mills Pottery Facebook

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