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Mixed Media

Paint a Quote


Glenda’s interactive workshop is sure to be engaging and fun for all ages.  From children

making signs (“I am the perfect combination of Princess and Warrior”) to seniors and

serious sages (“Be the change you want to see in the world”), everyone can find their own

way of being involved.  Participants can choose an image instead of a quote, or make up

their own personal statements. 


One week before the workshop, participants will be invited to e-mail Glenda their favourite

quote or graphic.  These items will be prepared using a Cricut Cutting Machine using vinyl,

adhesive paper.  On the day of the event, each person will receive a blank canvas for

painting their playful background for their words or images.  Once the paint is dried, the words are "fixed" on the canvas. The result is a beautiful, take home art item - ready for hanging. 


This session is great for birthday parties, family gatherings or inspiring work-place art team experiences.  The options are endless!!

Facilitator/artist:  Glenda Knoll, Matlock

Group Size:            4 to 15 children, teens, adults or seniors

Duration:                2.5 hours

Cost:                       $40 per person, plus $20 for supplies, light refreshments included

                               Family and Birthday Party rates are available. 

Location:                Glenda’s Studio and client/community locations

Call Glenda at:       204-668-8910 to discuss details and customized needs.  

                               For more information, see Glenda’s Bio . . .  

Mixed Media
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