Amanda Onchulenko
Mandart North


Colour speaks without an accent at the Bunkhouse Summer Studio of Amanda Onchulenko. 


“I am a Painter and a Textile Artist, an Author and a NEW PODCAST HOST.

I am also a Canadian and an Australian citizen. I don’t know if that makes me Canralian or Oznadian? 

What I do know is I am passionate about colour and it’s many relationships. I am fascinated with the creative process and I love sharing my work in art with returning WAVE friends and new to the WAVE visitors.” 


Find Amanda: 

“WISDOM AT THE CROSSROADS” PODCAST with Amanda Onchukenko anywhere you listen. 


Show notes and images on the blog 


Snapshots of a creative life on Instagram @ mandartcanada 

And if you can’t spell ONCHUKENKO…


Mand- is  a contraction of my very long name

Art - is what I do 

Canada - is where I am 


We will be OPEN


when the WAVE rolls in 2022. 

13 Melville Lane, Ponemah


Amanda's YouTube WAVE Tour Video