Gayle Halliwell

        Studio 410








Gayle Halliwell is a celebrated professional artist with lake water in her veins. Her passion for Lake Winnipeg saturates the watercolour, acrylic, and clay works that she creates.


Always in motion, Gayle leads workshops, hosts First Friday events at her Studio 410, and advocates for the preservation of the Lake through presentations and talks.


“My arts practice has to give me joy--it has to be fun. Laughter feeds my creative soul. But I also thrive on challenge so it’s hard for me to stand still: change is a close friend of challenge. It’s a weakness and a strength.”

Gayle is a member of the Gwen Fox Gallery, cre8ery, Gimli Art Club, The WAVE, and Adventures in Art.

Studio #44

410 Silverdale Avenue, Winnipeg Beach


     Leanne Marchak






Over the recent years I have discovered my love for working with acrylic paints. Self taught in the art of fluid painting, always learning and working with different materials and finishes. I love getting lost in the process of creating colourful pieces, especially if they have some sparkle to them. My work includes not only paintings on canvases but also tables, coasters and pendants. 

Studio #4

176 Centre Avenue West, Gimli


Jerry Maryniuk

Jerry grew up in rural Mb. (Inglis & Arborg).  Those formative years gave him a deep appreciation for nature and art.  Wildlife drawings and caricatures of friends were common place. Jerry chose Policing as a career and as such soon became an accomplished Police/forensic artist, retiring to the Interlake (Arborg) after 25 years.  “I have tried my hand at most every type of art, but cartooning remains a constant.”

It was somewhat ironic that he studied at the Scottsdale Artists School and decades later, returned to Arizona as a retired snowbird.  It was in Arizona that he started his book of cartoons,  “SnowBird Sketches (Emil goes south for the winter)”.  The book laughs at the ups and downs of getting old.  Arizona also got him involved with gourds.

Jerry’s art is inspired by his son Steve who passed on Dec.3 2013 from Brain Cancer (31 yrs.).

“Live life with a sense of humour and never waste a day.”

Studio #10



Facebook - Jerry Maryniuk Art

Terry Mellway

Pencil and Brush Studio

Terry resides in Sandy Hook, MB.  After retirement a number of years ago she decided to immerse herself in her passion for art, working pretty much full-time in her Pencil & Brush Studio and the Gimli Art Club.

Coloured pencil is her favourite medium and her work is extremely detailed realism from subject matter of people, nature and things that speak to her.  Many of her pieces have been featured in International magazines and she has been the recipient of a number of awards as well.


Terry has also added watercolour, acrylic and oils to her portfolio. 


Come visit me on my Artist Website or my Facebook and Twitter page:

Studio #18

64 Nicklaus Drive, Sandy Hook


 Rosemary Miguez

   upstairs studio




My attraction to sand begins with rock which when crushed becomes sand. Every grain of sand is a testimony to an ancient world. I feel the ancient world unfolds on my canvas and through the sand & gesso a new history is created. Harnessing the light through the relief of paintings reveals shapes and shadows of both the new and ancient worlds.


Sculpting the sand & gesso onto glass & mirror and adding forest fragments has opened up a new world with its own stories to tell. Some of my current work is informed by the state of the forest offering an opportunity to contemplate the past and the future.

Studio #8

upstairs studio

21 Grove, Whytewold


Amanda Onchulenko

Mandart North

Amanda is a painter and textile artist, and now a new author!  Amanda's family cottage at Ponemah hosts "Mandart North," her summer studio in the bunk house.  The school year is spent in Winnipeg's Historic Exchange District where she has maintained a full-time studio practice since 2001.  A graduate of Australia's premier Art School, Amanda works in all mediums and explores colour and its many relationships.

"Blending colour, words, nature, and light, Amanda weaves inspiration on a relatable and human level."  (Angela McB)

Stop in to see what has bloomed in her garden and indoors on her walls year round.  Mandart North is open for both June and August/September WAVEs.

Studio #6

13 Melville Lane, Ponemah


Melaney Robins

Melaney’s uniquely creative approach to painting has produced a large body of work, reflecting her life experiences in touching and imaginative ways. From the serenity of her studio in the woods, images of her environment emerge, each piece bursting with delightful colour, texture, shape and light. Working with fluid mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, and ink allows for the freedom of expression and variety she is known for. Her work often begins with an 'under-painting' in which she discovers a theme, which in turn leads to a visual 'story'.

Her more than 30 years as a working artist and instructor promises an intriguing and delight collection of paintings.  


Studio #40

59 Van Boh Lane, Spruce Sands


Helma Rogge Rehders -

H. RogueRaiders Studio Gallery

Helma, the ever-consummate artist looks back on two decades at the Beach. Studio walls are covered saloon style. The annual WAVE events are always a motivator for creative exploration.


She takes inspiration from our migratory birds in lake and marsh.  Even cows in the pastures by the lake, red-winged blackbirds getting a ride on the grazing animals. Above on the thermal winds, eagles soar and pelicans glide in ever decreasing circles to land on their favourite fishing spot.


So, come into our garden to celebrate creative synergy.  See also pottery by Gabriele and artwork by Marianne.


Studio #15

247 Laurel Avenue, Winnipeg Beach



• Helma Rogge Rehders

• Gabriele Neuschwander

• Marianne Gopalkrishna


Open May through October by chance

Year round by appointment