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          Greg Palsson
Quill and Feather Studio
           Studio #12

Greg and his wife Laureen had the good fortune of acquiring a 16 acre woodlot near Arborg, the community where Greg taught High School English for 39 years. This is where they built their home, along “Axara Creek.”  The woodlot attracted Greg because of its historical significance as well as the fact that it was a bird watcher’s dream. Most of his future bird carving subjects could be found right on the home property as well as on the bird feeder that he and his wife built.

Bird carving became his passion during the 1980’s and continues to be a source of pleasure for him even today.  Each bird sculpture must be carefully researched in order for him to create the realism found in the final product.  Every carving is unique and original, and the meticulous detailing involved in the feathering process contributes to the realism one can see. 

Greg remembers his lifelong love of birds . As a child he often rescued injured songbirds, rushing them down the street to the neighbour veterinarian who unfortunately did not share his childhood enthusiasm. He also collected the Blue Ribbon bird cards from all the neighbours in order to complete his collection. 

Greg has often said that once a new and challenging project is begun, he can “feel an adrenaline rush” and the hours “just seem to slip away as the bird begins to take shape.”  

Most of the carving detail is achieved in the Quill and Feather Studio (one side of his two-car garage), but the feather burning and the painting require a dust free environment so the finishing is done in his home.


About six months of the year he and his wife live on Hecla Island, on acreage owned by Laureen’s family for almost 75 years… a great place to observe water birds in their natural habitat, birds like ducks and geese, and shorebirds such as killdeer, sandpipers, and herons.

Canvasback Drake
Harris Sparrow
Ruddy Duck
Atlantic Puffin
Wood Duck
Red-Breasted Merganser Drake
Red-Breasted Merganser Female
Hungarian or Grey Partridge

Studio #12

Greg Palsson 

Quill and Feather Studio

14107 Hwy 68 


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