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Custom-Designed Photography Seminars


Photography seminars with Alex Reinhardt can be custom-designed to meet your

group’s needs.  His informative and inspiring presentations are not just a collection

of slide shows.  Each of Alex’s images offers insight on the chosen subject matter, 

be it technical, artistic or just plain fun. 


Alex likes to engage his audiences with questions that allow them to learn and

further explore the subject matter.  A sample of Alex’s topics include:  Creating

Mood, Just Keep Trying, It’s Not the Camera, Composition, Light and How to Play. 

Panoramas and HDR, or just about any subject related to photography one can

dream, are also possible.

Alex’s session can help you create a family collection of preferred photos or develop your next fundraiser with unique photos taken by your employees or Board Members.  Alex will work with you based on your preferences to create a successful result! 

Artist/Facilitator:  Alex Reinhardt 

Group Size:           Mixed groups, youth (13 to 18 years), adults, seniors – 4 to 30 people

Duration:               1 to 4 hours, depending on client needs/interests

Cost:                      $100 for up to 2 hours; $200 for 4 hours

Location:               Business and community locations, in Winnipeg and the Interlake

Call Alex at:          204-482-4101 to discuss details and customized needs.  For more information, 

                              See Alex’s Bio . . . 


Photo Walks – Let’s Go for a Walk!


Alex Reinhardt says . . . bring your favourite photo equipment and join him on a

photo walk!  Photo walks are a fun way to spend a few hours exploring a part of the

city, country, lake areas, or whatever environment suits your imagination!  Participants

need to bring their cameras or mobile devices with a camera, comfortable walking

shoes and their sense of adventure.  Alex will spend time talking about the plan for

the walk and where you are going.  Then you will head out to see what is available

for the photo experience. 


During the walk, Alex will share tips and tricks from his years of photography

experience.  Beware as osmosis will certainly happen when someone decides to

take a picture of something that no one else has noticed!  Participants are rewarded

at the end with new, unique images they can share or print, along with new skills. 

Choices of locations are flexible provided that transportation needs are considered.  Participant locations for a customized experience are great or Alex can recommend a few of his favourite locations!  Add one of Alex’s walks to your next business event, meeting or retreat!


Artist/Facilitator:  Alex Reinhardt

Group Size:           4 to 10 people 

Duration:               2 to 4 hours, depending on group interests  

Cost per person:  $25 for two hours (Minimum $100)

Location:               Business and community locations, based on client needs

Call Alex at:          204-482-4101 to discuss details and customized needs.  For more information, 

                              See Alex’s Bio . . .

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