Artist Presentations

Interesting topics for your next agenda!

WAVE artists can deliver art-based presentations at meetings, conferences, retreats and community gatherings.  A variety of options exist to meet client needs.  Upon review of the presentations listed below, please call the artists directly to discuss your needs.  Or, if you need assistance, call our Coordinator at 204-642-9597 or write to her at:

From All Walks of Life

Julia Penny, Portrait Artist

Unavailable at this time

Julia immigrated to Canada from England when she was 12 years old.  The

experience was significant to her life and she aims to speak from the heart

about her challenges.  Julia will also explain why she chose to make portraits

of over 100 people who left their homes to settle in other places.  The portraits

are drawn on panels and each includes a brief biography of the person portrayed. 


“Read about us. Study our faces. Make a connection and perhaps realize what

your/our ancestors’ experiences might have been.  We are not all that different –

past or present.”

This free, one-hour session may be held at Julia’s studio in Winnipeg Beach or other locations depending on client needs.  Please call Julia at 204-389-5419 to discuss your options.

Monday Mornings with Milli Flaig-Hooper

Paper Artist

Milli can usually be found in her studio making creative, hand-made paper out of recycled paper.  She invites you to join her in this adventure for a period of 2 to 3 hours.  During this time, you will be her assistant in the working process.  This option is available to individuals who want to learn more about this age-old art.  Please call Rose at 204-771-3218 to make arrangements.  Cost is free, however, donations are gratefully accepted.

Lake Winnipeg by Gayle Halliwell

Mixed Media Artist

This artist has lake water in her veins!


As seasoned keynote speaker, Gayle will capture audiences at community and business/corporate events with presentations inspired by the Interlake.  From 20 to 90 minutes, these can be paired with a hands-on art experience or action-oriented activity if desired. Suggested presentations below; more topics can be customized to your event.  Please call Gayle at 204-389-3832 to discuss details and fees. 

Barn Quilts - A Road Trip worth Taking

See the Pelican’s Pouch barn quilt designed by Gayle and the Interlake Barn Quilt Trail accompanied by a visual presentation of a variety of other works by the group.  This presentation is sure to be a feast for the eyes. 

 Lake Winnipeg under Siege 

Living on her boat in the summer, Gayle has seen up close and uncomfortably the

results of various threats to Lake Winnipeg.  Her stunning visual presentation will

lead you into the world of challenges faced by our great prairie ocean.


 Lake Winnipeg Imagined 

Using vibrant acrylics, clay and soft watercolour paintings, Gayle will share the

inspirations that drive her creative works. This visual presentation will lead you

to the core of this artist’s passion and motivation to focus on Lake Winnipeg scenes.

Lighthouses of Lake Winnipeg

This session can also include a walking tour to one of the local lighthouses for a

photography option.

A touch of beauty, a bit of history, and a lot of interest combine in this visual

presentation about the lighthouses that once dotted the shores of our lake. 

Some of these structures remain today and Gayle will reveal their locations and

secrets.  Presentations in Winnipeg Beach can include a guided visit to the

newly-rebuilt lighthouse nearby for guided photography (5-minute vehicle travel

required in this option.)  Presentations in Gimli can include a guided visit to the

repositioned lighthouse at the Gimli Visitor’s Centre for guided photography.

Lake Winnipeg - An Amazing Muse

Imagine diving into Lake Winnipeg with Gayle as she shares decades of images taken of the lake from her floating summer home and her winter shoreline home.   Swim along with Gayle as she shares the natural beauty of our great prairie ocean.