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Melaney Robins
    Studio #40

Full Bloom
Deep Dark Woods
Golden Shores, Lake Winnipeg
Late Light
Northern Lights
Memories of Costa Rica

My career as a working artist began over 30 years ago. Maintaining a home studio was a wonderful way to ensure balance between work and raising my family.


My current studio, with its natural light and surrounding woods, provides a perfect creative environment. I find inspiration in nature and in my personal experiences and enjoy fluid mediums such as water colour, liquid acrylic and ink, which lend themselves well to the spontaneous approach I enjoy.


I have exhibited extensively in galleries as well as in private and group shows, and maintain a body of work with over 100 original paintings. I am a long term member of the Manitoba Art Expo.

Studio #40

59 Van Boh Lane, Spruce Sands


Melaney's 2021 YouTube WAVE Tour Video

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