Helma Rogge Rehders

H. RogueRaiders Studio Gallery

Lake Winnipeg at the Time of Eden
Black Cat and Fish Flies
Young Boys and Fish Flies
Untrampled Sea Life
Bees and Frogs

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Helma, the ever-consummate artist, looks back on two decades at the Beach.  Studio walls are covered saloon style. The annual WAVE events are always a motivator for creative exploration.


She takes inspiration from our migratory birds in lake and marsh.  Even cows in the pastures by the lake, red-winged blackbirds getting a ride on the grazing animals. Above on the thermal winds, eagles soar and pelicans glide in ever decreasing circles to land on their favourite fishing spot.


So, come into our garden to celebrate creative synergy. See also Guest Artists, Gabriele and Marianne.

2020 Corona Year

Studio #15

247 Laurel Avenue, Winnipeg Beach





Open May through October by chance

Year round by appointment

Gabriele Neuschwander

Guest Artist

H. RoggeRaiders Studio and Gallery


Marianne Gopalkrishna

Guest Artist

H. RoggeRaiders Studio and Gallery