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#4 Stephanie Sutton Photography
Darkroom Studio


Exposing the secrets of Earth one frame at a time, Stephanie is in pursuit of otherwise forgotten, unique moments, for those less able to experience them. Camera in hand; climbing mountains, or diving into the sea; she adores the natural world.


Born with an artistic mind, a kind heart, and a great sense of humour, Stephanie has always loved art in all its forms and began her artistic journey as an illustrator. She has dabbled in different kinds of painting, is an avid reader, a lover of language, and enjoys writing. 
In her spare time Stephanie has been learning Japanese. She loves

Open June and September

Year round by appointment
142 Gimli Road, Whytewold

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Japan; its people, language, culture, and land are all beautiful to her. She has also been amusing herself with attempts at writing a fictional book. And, as an aquarist, you may find fish in her art.


Stephanie’s first inclination to get into photography came from teenaged summer drives to her family's cottage in Dunnottar, looking out the window at the many different kinds of clouds. No two the same, and ever changing, clouds inspired her to want to capture them so they would not be lost.

Her first camera was gifted as a Christmas present which she used most often to get pictures of her pet fish. In the days before phones carried cameras and all she had was her point and shoot, pictures of animals through glass and water was a challenge.
Stephanie’s first SLR(single lens reflex) camera came when she was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to go to Europe for the first time in her early twenties. How could she go all that way without a decent camera? It wasn’t until a year or so after that she went to school and learned how to use it.

Japan is of course number one on her bucket list, and with a few countries already under her belt, travel photos are featured predominantly on her walls.
Stephanie invites you into her space to tap into her memories and be transported through time and space to bring witness to our living world. 

Stephanie's YouTube WAVE  Tour Video

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