Stephanie Sutton
Stephanie Sutton Photography


By gathering and harnessing light, Stephanie can stop time! A camera as her vessel, she captures moments of emotion, intrigue, and wonder from the mundane of every day life, to the grandeur of her travels. Stephanie has a knack for seeing things differently than most, and recently discovered a mission in life to save and share her findings for those who might not otherwise be able to enjoy them.


In the last few years Stephanie has also been enjoying acrylic paints in her free time with paint pouring as a sort of comic relief. Canvas soon moved to vases, magnets, and now earrings and pendants.


Colour spills with joy from her photographs and paintings to brighten the darkest of rooms. Come discover her collection of memories, and enjoy the comforts of a cozy cottage.

142 Gimli Road, Whytewold

Facebook: SSuttonPhotography

Stephanie's YouTube WAVE  Tour Video