Milli Flaig Hooper

    The Paper Fifrildi









The whir of the blender motor, the flow of the water from the faucet, the splat of the slurry being poured, first into pails, then into the vat; it must be paper making day! These are the sounds we hear before Milli rolls up her sleeves, grabs a screen, then slides it back and forth under the milk-shake-like mixture before pulling it out to add accent colours or textures. Once the paper is dry, in its recreated stage, it is further repurposed into art, cards, and other paper products. Visit The Paper Fifrildi studio (#19) to learn about slurry, and how colour and texture merge into something irresistibly beautiful. Contact: 204-389-4134


Studio #19

The Paper Fifrildi, Creatively Recycled Paper

28 Hawthorne, Matlock