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Have your WAVE brochure mailed to you!


The fee for this option covers the costs of providing this service, including postage and secure payment costs.  Any surplus funds collected go directly to supporting future WAVE Tours.  


This delivery option will be available until August 25th.  Order before June 3rd to be sure you have your copy for the June 10 & 11 WAVE weekend.


The brochure remains FREE and is available directly from participating artists and supporters of the WAVE.  


We have also made changes to our website to make navigating the Tour from online easier for you, including a new printable pdf map.  View these features under our brochure tab on the website.  

Get Your Brochure Delivered!

  • A WAVE brochure will be mailed directly via Canada Post to the address you provide.  

    Then settle in and start planning your art adventure.  

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