Alan Lacovetsky

Oak Hammock Pottery








It’s been said “We are all made from the same clay”.  Internationally acclaimed potter Alan Lacovetsky believes that to be true.  He considers clay to be a sacred material. “The clay I use is many millions of years old”.


Alan likes to make pots for people to use. When you come to his large studio next to Oak Hammock Marsh you will see pots being made the same way it has been done for thousands of years.  He uses an old foot powered potters wheel and fires the pots in an ancient style wood burning kiln. 


A new kiln has been built this year so Alan is excited about all the wonderful possibilities it has in store.  It has taken three months and three thousand special fire bricks to build.  “It’s big and has been quite an undertaking but well worth the effort”.


Also this year Alan was inducted into the International Ceramic Artists Association in China.  He recently returned from Croatia where he built a wood burning kiln for the Plemenitas Artist in Residence program and from Thailand where he participated in an international symposium at the Silpakorn University.


There is something for everyone from large to small pots. 

Studio #2

771 Earl Grey Road, St. Andrews


      Evelin Richter  

 What? Clay Art & Curios







Evelin is a ceramic artist and sculptor, working in hand-built clay, thrown stoneware, and multimedia assemblage. Her works range in scale from the iconic figurative sculptures she has become known for to delicate, wearable jewellery. Her home and adjacent studio are surrounded by delightful gardens, featuring a cacophony of flowers and engaging sculptural surprises.


Evelin began working in clay in 1990, and “learned her craft” through a three-year major in Ceramics at the School of Art, University of Manitoba. Following a month as a guest artist at the Faculty of Art & Design, Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia, she founded her studio, What? Clay Art & Curios, in Winnipeg Beach to further develop her creative works.


An avid bookworm, organic gardener, nature lover, activist, (and grandmother of five), Evelin is also a “beach bum.” Her art is typified by an engagingly tactile sense of play and an expressive “exploration of the curious.” Her enigmatic sculptures draw viewers in and share idiosyncratic stories with them. Her creations are in numerous private collections, she (happily) fulfills commissions, and her works are available through select galleries. 


During the WAVE tour (and at other times by prior appointment), she delights showing others her studio and sharing her art as well as her process.

Studio #13

275 Eaton Street, Winnipeg Beach