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Brenda Booke

Breeze Designs

You will find some very beautiful and unique jewellery at my home studio. My work is mainly crocheted, woven, and strung beads.

CJ Tennant

CJ Tennant Jewellery

Modern Gemstone Jewellery. Everything we wear tells a story, to ourselves and to the world. Let us help you explore the possibilities at our studio. With tons of new collections every year, we always have something new for you to play dress-up with!

Laurie Wardrope

Laurie's Beads

Getting into jewelry making was an accident, literally. I had broken my ankle and was being a little too aggressive with my activity so it was suggested I get off my feet after a days work! By day I am an Interior Designer, and sometimes wait years to see an end project. Creating jewelry by hand with my feet up was a perfect solution. Very hard to move around with a lap full of beads and results were instant.

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