Brenda Booke

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I have always loved working with my hands. As a teenager I taught myself to knit and crochet. Then came macrame, weaving, batik and landscape quilting. Several years ago I discovered the beautiful art of beading. Tiny beads, large beads, beads of any size could be sewn, woven, strung or knotted into the most intricate designs. I fell in love!! 

I still like doing all my other crafts, but beading is my passion. 

My greatest thrill was being asked to join the Interlake WAVE Artists' Studio Tour. Always a visitor I now was a part of this wonderful group. I tell everyone this is a tour never to be missed. I hope also to see many of you reading this article to come and visit at Studio #46 on this year's tour!!!

Studio #46

226 Laurel Avenue, Winnipeg Beach


CJ Tennant Jewellery









Fundamental to jewellery is that it is worn. The feel of ornament on our bodies matters not only on account of the physical sensation but also because the experience of jewellery on the body is itself evocative. The slip of a fine chain against our skin can make us feel seductive; the heavy weight of raw gemstones inspires the sense of being armoured; the swing of an earring suggests freedom and joy; the rich satin of a pearl at our throat rouses our nobility. Most intriguing to me as an artisan is this dual possibility of embodiment: the stories we write ourselves into and the physical sensations with all of their attendant meanings. Jewellery arts is the space in which ideas and experience can interact and merge. Great jewellery can be both aspiration and inspiration. I have been making jewellery for more than a decade and mostly work with sterling silver, gemstones and pearls. I am a self-taught artisan and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My work is sold throughout Manitoba, in Quebec and online. I participate in numerous juried art and craft shows.

Studio #11

185 Community Road, Matlock