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Sharon Cory

Punch Studio Gallery

Sharon Cory is a Manitoba artist, educated at the University of Manitoba in Architecture and Fine Arts. She paints in acrylic on large canvasses and in watercolour. She is mainly interested in how the eye follows movement across an abstracted landscape, in the manner of the Bay Area Figurative Movement.

Ainslie Davis

Sweet Moon Studio

Colour. Ainslie is all about the colour. Abstract or representational, colour is the key.

Joanne Gullachsen

J. Gullachsen

I am looking forward to meeting those who come to view my art. The conversations with those who visit make the entire Wave experience worthwhile and memorable.

Gayle Halliwell

Studio 410

Lake Winnipeg is Gayle's first love; her watercolours of this freshwater ocean are in collections across North America. Because painting large is also a favourite challenge for Gayle, she gleefully splashes acrylics across canvas instead. When neither of those media quite represent a subject that dominates her mind's eye, she turns to clay and squishes out shapes that play on her theme.

Leanne Marchak

DLM Creations

I am constantly trying to create different types of fluid painting art, using different materials and methods. I have expanded from just painting on canvases to include making tables, coasters, trays/charcuterie boards and jewelry.

Rosemary Miguez

upstairs studio

When art connects the mind, body and soul through our eyes or, for some, through a tactile experience, it invites you, the viewer in, for a lasting impression.

Amanda Onchulenko

Mandart North Studio

When the WAVE, rolls be prepared for a double dose of colour at Mandart Studio North.

Amanda Onchulenko has maintained a full time studio practice in Winnipeg since 2001. She is part of The Fairmont Hotel's Artist in Residence Program with The Pulse Gallery, a Textile Artist, an Author and a Podcast Host.

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