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We're excited to announce that our much anticipated new app has arrived! If you liked our first app, you're sure to love this one! Fancier look and new functions including an easier to use artist pinned map so you'll never lose your way. Please download today on Google Play or the App Store! Click the according icon for the link! The old app will be discontinued.

New app news: It's here!

Our 2023 brochure has been released! Find yours at one of our sponsors and advertisers nearest you! If you find they're out of stock, or the nearest location is too far, you can always order one for delivery! If you just want to see what it looks like and pick one up at a beloved artist studio at the start of the tour weekend, you can view it here. 

Remember to plan your route ahead of time. Print out a map!


Hot Off The Press!

Take a journey... Manitoba's original Artists' Studio Tour! We open our doors to you for the 22nd annual WAVE tour on June 10-11 & September 2-3 2023, 10am-6pm.


Studios of 18 WAVE artists along the east shore of Lake Winnipeg cast their doors open for you to get a behind-the-scenes look at where and how they work, and to have a bit of fun ! 


Plan your journey along our scenic routes, invite a friend or two, and jump in your car for a free and inspiring day with quirky, creative personalities of all ages, artistic mediums, and backgrounds. 


Journey with us through colour and creativity! Take a look at our How to WAVE!


See us in studio in 2023 on June 10-11 & September 2-3, 10am-6pm.

This year the WAVE welcomes two new talented members! Georgina Ball and Pat Tymkiw. We also welcome CJ Tennant (new location*) back after a one-year hiatus. Be sure to visit all three June and September!

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Did you know we have videos?

See what our talented artists are up to or what knowledge they have to offer with these latest for fun and how to videos.



Join Our Team!

Are you an outstanding artist in the Interlake region looking to expand your fan base? Join our team! We'd love to see your work.

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Year Round


Year round events, and group and solo artist pop up shows are found here. Keep an eye here for the latest.

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